Ultrasound Radiology

Ultrasounds are another form of radiology, which are often used in tandem with x-rays to collect more sound diagnostic information. They are also a safe, non-invasive procedure. What makes them different from x-rays is that ultrasounds use sound waves instead of x-ray waves to pass through the body and collect images. This shows information that is a little different than what an x-ray can show. Ultrasounds are useful for studying soft tissues and liquid-filled cavities of the body. The images collected by ultrasounds are real-time videos, so they can be invaluable for understanding the inner workings of bodily systems. Ultrasounds are often used to diagnose pregnancy, some forms of cancer, foreign body ingestion, and much more.

To take an ultrasound, we rarely need to sedate the patient. Sometimes, we will have to shave the area that we are looking to study. Then we will try and help the patient to feel comfortable by petting them and talking to them gently. We will have them recline so the area we need for the ultrasound is exposed, and the process of creating the image generally only takes 10-15 minutes.

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