Travel Certificates

Broadway Veterinary Clinic is fully certified to provide you with both domestic and international travel certificates to ensure a smooth journey. In order to provide a travel certificate, we must make sure of the following items for the safety of your pet, the safety of fellow travelers, and for the protection of the area to which you are travelling.

  • Your pet must be free of parasites;
  • appropriately vaccinated; and
  • free from contagious diseases or conditions that would make the stress of flying unsafe for him or her.

Air Travel

If travelling by air, pets are required to obtain travel certificates within 10 days of their departure by most airlines. Before you arrive to the airport, prepare by checking the USDA regulations, and your airline’s regulations, regarding pet travel. Some airlines have particular rules about when and where different pets can fly.

Here are some travel tips for planning a trip with your pet:

  • Call your airline when booking a flight with a pet, do not book online. This way, you can be sure that your airline is expecting your furry travel companion
  • Book direct flights. If you cannot book direct, avoid long layovers
  • Get your pet used to their carrier before flying. Leave the carrier out for them to investigate a few days before your trip
  • If your pet is flying in cargo, arrive early
  • If your pet is flying in the cabin, try to arrive a little later to avoid airport stress
  • Obtain an acclimation certificate if your pet is too large to travel in the cabin. This will protect them against extreme temperatures. If you must travel in the summer, fly at night. If you must travel in the winter, fly during the day.
  • Allow your pet to visit a relief station and let out some excess energy before boarding

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