Parasite Prevention

Parasites are not only pesky, they can be dangerous and even life-threatening once an infestation becomes severe. A parasite is defined as any organism that subsists by stealing the energy of a host animal. Some common parasites include fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and heartworms. Sadly, these nuisances are found in almost every environment, and Maine is no exception.

Our veterinary team recommends a two step-process for assured parasite prevention: preventative medicine and annual fecal testing.

Preventative medicine for both fleas and ticks, and intestinal worms is a must for dogs and cats, especially in the spring and summer months when they are most prevalent. Usually both forms of medicine are administered on a monthly basis with either a tasty chew or topical treatment. Ask your veterinarian about the different available options, and which would work best for your budget, convenience, and lifestyle.

Continue reading for more information about different parasites to watch out for in our area.

Fleas are known for their painful and/or itchy bites. They are common in the warmer months, and left untreated they can cause severe anemia and even death. If your pet has fleas, and brings them into your home, they can be tough to remove from your living space and can also bite you and your family. Thankfully, there are many forms of flea medicine, including collars, topical treatments, and oral medicine.

Ticks are prevalent in our area, and can carry a host of terrible diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Most flea preventatives double as tick preventatives. To prevent ticks from biting and infecting your pet, make sure to thoroughly check their skin and coat after spending time outside and during regular grooming.

Intestinal worms such as hookworms and roundworms, live in the digestive system and can make their hosts nauseous and sick, putting them in danger of malnourishment. To make the situation worse, some intestinal parasites are zoonotic, which means they can transfer from animals to humans. Prevention keeps your pet family and human family safe!

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