Do you have a plan in place in case your pet becomes lost or runs away? With a small microchip embedded under the skin, you will never have to worry about your pet being without your contact information.

Too often, pets who are missing their identification tags turn up in animal shelters or veterinary offices across the country. Often, the first thing the animal care professionals will do is use a special reader to check if they have a microchip.

The microchipping procedure is quick and easy. It is no more painful or time-consuming than a shot, and no anesthesia is necessary. Once implanted, we will give you the information and paperwork to file your phone number and address into a national database. If your pet is ever lost and scanned for a chip, this database will direct their rescuers to your information so a happy reunion will follow.

Remember that if your your contact information changes, such as during a move or a phone carrier change, to update your information in the system so the chip can continue to do its job.

Of course, we still recommend that pets with microchips also have a set of ID tags. The more identification information, the better their chances of returning home after a mishap!

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