Kitten Care

Are you thinking about bringing a new kitten home? Adding a cute new furry friend to your family is an exciting prospect. Our team at Broadway Veterinary Clinic can help your new kitten grow up happy and healthy.

Here are a few pointers to consider before bringing your new kitten home:

  • Do you have another cat? If so, we recommend having the new kitten tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS before introducing them.
  • If you do have another cat, it’s in the best interest of safety for the kitten to be kept in a separate room or area for the first day or so of being in your home. This will increase the likelihood that when they do meet, their encounter will be a friendly one.
  • Will the kitten be an indoor cat? Indoor cats have longer life expectancies than their outdoor counterparts. They are safer from both diseases and accidents.

Once the new kitten is home, we want to help get them started on the right foot so they can enjoy a long life with their new family.

Here is a list of recommended veterinary to-dos for your new kitten:

  • Microchip your new kitten to keep them safe if they ever get out or become lost.
  • Stay/neuter procedurewill prevent an unwanted litter later on, and decrease your cat’s desire to escape. Also, spayed or neutered cats tend to have longer life expectancies.
  • Vaccinations should be given to your kitten in a series of three, between 6 and 14 weeks.

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