In-House Laboratory

With the help of our in-house lab, we are able to provide accurate and timely diagnostic results. The faster we are able to diagnose the problem, the faster your pet can be provided with relief before the issue gets worse. Our laboratory allows us to expedite the diagnostic process because we do not need to ship our samples to third parties and wait for them to receive and process the results.

Some routine test results can be run in as quickly as 15 minutes. For other tests, which require more time, you can expect a call from us the next day to receive your results.

A physical examination and past medical records can help us make educated guesses about the inner workings of the body, but laboratory testing is how we ascertain the true root cause for certain. The precision of the results is of the utmost importance, and we will always wait to confirm a diagnosis with test results before proceeding with treatment.

Here are some common tests which we are able to run at our facility:

  • Complete blood count: This test is often referred to by the acronym ‘CBC’. It is a very common blood test that shows the amounts of different kinds of blood cells present in your pet’s bloodstream. It can predict many different diseases and conditions.
  • Blood Chemistry Panel: This term refers to a series of tests designed to assess the function of major organs such as the kidneys or pancreas.
  • Urinalysis: This test analyzes the urine of the patient to create a complete picture of their health. It can help diagnose diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. In older cats, this is a routine test because they can be prone to abnormal kidney function.
  • Thyroid test: This test helps your veterinarian determine if your pet’s thyroid gland is functioning correctly. The thyroid gland is important for determining energy and metabolism. Thyroid disorders may cause symptoms such as lethargy, weight gain, weight loss, and hyperactivity.

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