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Exotic Pet Care

Small mammals like gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, and rats can make amazing companions just like cats and dogs. Our doctors have experience providing outstanding veterinary care for these and other small mammal exotics. Just like other pets, routine veterinary care is crucial for their health and well being.

Care for Your Exotic Pet

Annual checkups for small mammals are highly encouraged. Often, because it can be challenging to read their facial expressions and body language, owners can have trouble discerning when their small mammal is feeling under the weather. This means that their wellness exam is not to be skipped.

During their wellness exam, we will give them a physical examination in addition to some routine tests to ensure they are feeling their best. In addition to check-ups, we also provide dental services, spaying, x-ray diagnostics, nutrition and weight management, and many more services for our cute little friends.

Are you worried your small animal is feeling poorly? Please call right away to schedule an appointment. Because of their small and fragile systems, small mammals can deteriorate quickly once ill. The sooner they are treated, the better their chances of making a full recovery.

Have you been thinking about adding a small mammal to your family? If you live in an apartment and want to add an animal companion to your life, a small mammal might be the perfect fit! In addition, they can make excellent pets for children.

Feel encouraged to schedule an appointment with us to go over their care and any questions you may have. Many people may have not owned a rabbit, mouse, or ferret before and are curious about what it would entail. Client education is central to our mission of helping the pets of the Bangor, Maine region stay happy and healthy.

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