Regular wellness exams are an important tool in maximizing your pet’s overall health. They allow our veterinarians to notice issues at their beginning stages, when they are most treatable, and before they can put your pet in serious pain. We recommend that all pets receive at least one wellness exam annually. Adolescent and senior animals may need more frequent visits to meet their special health needs, and keep tabs on their less robust immune systems.

During your pet’s physical exam, one of our trained veterinarians will:

  • Look into the mouth at the teeth and gums
  • Listen to the heart and lungs
  • Look into the eyes and ears
  • Check that the coat and skin are healthy and parasite free
  • Palpate the stomach, joints, and lymph node
  • Check their weight

The physical examination can give our veterinarians and veterinary assistants a multitude of information. In addition to the physical examination, ordering a few tests might be in order if anything seems amiss. If your pet hasn’t had a checkup in awhile, is an adolescent, or is geriatric, a panel of tests might also be warranted. Some tests, such as a fecal test, are routine and recommended once a year regardless.

Aside from the physical elements of the wellness examination, we at Broadway Veterinary Clinic also see this as a wonderful opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. In fact, we even encourage you to write down some questions you have in advance for us to discuss. Client education is near to our hearts because we know that it will help you keep your pet comfortable and living in harmony.

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